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Commonly Targeted Items in Burgalries

The home security experts here at Key Rescue Detroit specialize in ensuring the physical safety and security of homes throughout the entire Detroit, Michigan area. In this blog entry, we’ll detail some of the most commonly targeted items that burglars seek out when attempting to commit their crimes of robbery.

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Types of Safe Locking Mechanisms

In this blog entry, the residential and commercial security experts here at Key Rescue Detroit will detail some of the most common types of safe locks on the market today. You can rely on the professional safe installation team here at Key Rescue Detroit to ensure the security of your valuable property at your residential…

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Rapid 24/7 Residential Lockout Service in Detroit, Michigan. Key Rescue Detroit stand ready to rapidly let you back into your home for your home lockout service without incurring lock damage - around the clock, and always for an affordable rate.

How to Avoid Experiencing a Lockout

Nobody PLANS on getting locked out of their home – it’s just one of those inconvenient things that happen from time to time, and unfortunately, it’s also associated with security risks – much less the simple inconvenience of being unable to access your property. In this short blog post, the residential lockout and commercial lockout…

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